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    “Youth Online Research Center”

    The program is focused in the city of Yerevan and provinces where the young people who are interested in journalism and media are, but lack the ability to communicate with each other, the answers to their questions, the ability to share their ideas and skills, to identify problems in their regions, socialize and seek solutions to issues. Our resolution methods are:  establish online centers, and development online forums and discussions. The NGO has organized, for the young civil journalists from all provinces, journalism competitions in different themes (social, economic, and cultural). They encourage the best artwork and articles.


    The goals are:

    To  help  300 young civil journalists from different regions of Armenia to create online centers  with the help of technology provided by us to promote journalism among young people, research, and creative skills development, to create a virtual learning environment, where the possibilities of new media and information technology will be used for the benefit of young people as an active factor in the educational process. They will get answers to their questions, and help young civil journalists discover new media distribution and application of the endless opportunities, to identify and encourage young civil journalists the best resources, give opportunities to the civil journalists  to have  experiences in different regions and promote cultural exchange.


    • Forums, discussions, organized contests.
    • The site is updated with new materials.
    • Establishment of the online center

    Results :

    Our beneficiaries will increase knowledge about journalistic, creative and research skills.

    They will learn the correct interpretation of the situation and problems. Awareness to the 4th power of journalistic ethics and will shape analytical mind.

    Participants will improve their community issues, as well be given  professional answers to their questions

     The opportunities for media use for Young civil journalists will increase. There will be increased use of additional education in the field of new media.

    Expand the scope of new media tools for young users.

    The program will help participants to develop a better sense of free speech and the thought.

    Beneficiaries in the provinces will experience decrease in the lack of information in the media industry and will expand the use of new media in the sphere of civil journalism.