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  • Our Hearts and Souls to You, Children

    Our Heart and Soul to You, Children

    Armenia experienced a socio-political transformation. In 1988 there was a large earthquake and the Nagorno-Karabakh war waged by the economic recession, which increased the number of orphans and vulnerable children. They urgently needed a sharp increase psychological support, physical health support  and peers integration.

    The project was implemented in province of Vanadzor, specificly  the community of Mount Tez vacationing area. It consists of 3 shifts of 60 days with experienced educators and professionals that organized courses, games, presentations, and psychosocial rehabilitation works.

    This program continued for 6 years, effecting about 2,200 children, including orphans, the needy, and war zone and non-warzone children.

    Professionals and educators skilled work, we had the following results:

    • Children have rested and and saw a decrease in mental tension, as well as restoration of their health
    • Developed of the children’ s motivation and inspiration in relation to love of nature, art and sport
    • Developed of the children’s  spirituality and physical mobility
    • Deepened their knowledge of children’s rights
    • Detected and prevented diseases in children, given their knowledge of healthy lifestyle.

    Implementation Years:  1995 – 2001.

    Implementation Area:  Lori Province