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    On-line Olympiad

    The  On-line Olympiad was done in the  Armenian language. It was held in the areas of journalism and human rights in 9 provinces of the Republic Armenia in schools where the Internet connection is available. We implemented  extensive work in all regions of disseminating information about the competition, internet, radio, television, and on-line media, on-line information services, as well as through regional council.  The spread of information about the Olympiad in Yerevan was through  the media, the Internet, and advertised in 100 schools, where we divided into leaflets and business cards, posted a statement and submitted by online schools. This was a very  diverse Olympiad program.

    As a result from the 9 provinces (Suinik, Ararat, Armavir, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Lori, Tavush, Shirak, Yerevan) 710 pupils participated. They presented  group and individual work. Group work was presented by  in the Stepanavan No. 6 school, Gavar No. 5 school, Geghanist High School , Armash High School,  Kapan No. 2 school,  Vahramaberd School School, Vanadzor No. 11 School , Yerevan No. 83 School, No. 200 School and No.30  school, while the remainder beneficiaries of the work of individuals from schools in the 9 provinces.


     In the Republic of Armenia, to make more efficient the use of information technology to teenagers and young adults in relation to journalistic research skills development.


    • Web site availability www.armolimp.am
    • Exercises on the website
    • Activities on the site regarding human rights and journalism areas
    • Tests
    • Advertisement Videos
    • Media
    • Competitions and Awards



    • After the project has expanded the scope of media resources of adolescents.
    • Beneficiaries learned their creative works using digital means to do research.
    • Increase the use of additional education in the field of new media.
    • Our beneficiaries learned from an early age to use the Internet as a tool for education and information dissemination.

         Implementation of the Year in 2011.

         Implementation of the Republic of Armenia

    Beneficiaries :

    Children, Parents, Teachers