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    Health and Hygiene

    Armenia remote areas, children are not getting the proper knowledge of health and hygiene due to lack of information. Parents often do not have the appropriate knowledge and skills necessary to most of the children which could for a child engaged in agricultural activities cause various infectious diseases.

    The program is implemented in accordance with the theoretical and practical training through qualified professionals. There was 2,400 children and teens that participated in the program, which we distributed hygiene kits and medicines n the boxes. We had discussions with healthy lifestyle topics for adults and also aimed to increase children’s awareness of health and hygiene.

    After the project had the following results:

    • Testing results conducted at the beginning and end of the courses showed that 60 percent of children have increased awareness of health and hygiene.
    • Course participants apply their knowledge  through the area to adults and community members
    • Participants received a box of medicine and hygiene supplies.
    • Infectious diseases has decreased in number in beneficiaries.