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    First Aid Basics

    Almost all the villages of Armenia, being far from the capitol, do not use information sources and they and being overloaded with agriculture work, therefore have a lack of knowledge of first aid basics which is very necessary in their lives.  We wanted to solute and emphasize this problem in order by creating this program for which we elected the following villages: Tsovagyukh, Tazagyukh, Noratus and Cakqar region Gekharquniq. In every village the training lasted four days with 5 hours sessions and the villages also passed theoretical and practical information conducted by qualified doctors and nurses. After this, a book was published called first aid basics, which program was given to the participants at the end of the program. We prepared first aid trainers at Gekharquniq region who shared their knowledge and skills to schools and peasants

    Afer the project had following results:

    •          The first students responsible for knowing first-aid basics are in Gegarquniq regions’  Tsovagyugh, Tazagyukh, Noratus, Tzakhkar villages
    •         At the end of the program, we  saw a 40% increase in the participants first- aid knowledge quality
    •          Participants of the classes were about to use thier aquired skills and pass onto schools and the residents of the village
    •          In the above mentioned areas, there was a decrease health repercussions from unfortunate incidents

    Implimented in 2002

    Implimention area: Republic of Armenia, Gekharquiniq Province