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    Ability Building” :

    In Armenia is in the development of civil society stage. The NGOs are still in the  process of development and are very important to the mission of public activity. In spite of this fact, they are very powerful and advanced but do not have the financial stability. To develop the ability of the organizations to resolve issues was observed and recognized by us as a priority.

     “Zartonk -89” is one of those organizations. It also needed to increase the knowledge of average worker, normal working conditions,  access to the Internet, cooperation  with various NGOs, exchange of experiences and skills acquisition. Therefore, the organization’s programs have more effective implementations of the organization’s work that show the expansion of the ability of the organization that is  considered necessary in order to resolve the above-mentioned problems with the content of the program.

    The project is aimed to enhance the technical and organizational skills of the organization with an emphasis on business development and expansion.

    The results following the program:

    The organization has 30 members with knowledge in computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet, Microsoft, Photo shop, Corel Draw, Web design):

    2 members with deepened their knowledge of foreign languages (French, English).

    4 members with  gained project management skills.

    The organization works to become more efficient, thanks to computer technology.

    Implementation in 2001.